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Monday, January 18, 2010

Suzanne Lieurance, Starbuck's, and A Monday

Hey. I did the writing thing today. It's been hard work sticking to a writing schedule. But I discovered if I leave my house, get away from my desk, depart from distractions of a ringing telephone, a full email box, and a very friendly next door neighbor, I'm able to write.
Today I got up, showered, blew dry my hair, dressed like I was going to a real day job, and left the house, in search of a place to park my butt in chair and write. There is a Starbuck's near where I live. I don't dare reveal the road or route it's on, because that's my secret.
What I will tell you is this: I discovered that four hours in a in a crowded, noisy coffee shop produced more writing than four days working from my quiet home. Chapter 7 is written, though it is a rough draft.
I managed to eke out and type up an article for a doctor's website.

It feels good to know that today I got a little writing done.

And oh, yes, one more thing. My website? Well, it was honored today at Suzanne Lieurance's, Build Your Business Write
How lucky can a writer get?
To Suzanne Lieurance: Thank you, wherever you are, for your encouraging words.
To BookOrBust Readers: What about you? Did you get a little writing done today? Why not do what I do? Pick up a pen and write something. Go ahead. I dare you.

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Anonymous said...

oh, Linda, what a nice write up! well deserved, but how nice for you to see your name in someone else's corner. yeahhhh.
hope you are reveling in your progress and in that grandbaby.
talk soon,