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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Expect the Unexpected - A comment from Widow_Lady302

Sometimes when I'm writing, it feels like I'm just typing into some deep dark hole, wondering is anybody out there? Does anybody care?

Last evening, at the end of a long hard writing day, I tuned into my other blog, Griefcase, the one written especially for widows, to make a post. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new comment had been posted, proving once and again, as individuals moving forward after the death of a loved one, we're not alone.

Here is another widow's sage words of comfort and joy, inspiration and motivation, and I share them with you here in the hope that they may move you to pick up your pen and write something, too.

Hi Linda!

YUS YUS, I am doing what you have suggested. As a new widow, and someone who lost her father (unexpectedly) one month after she lost her husband...I am making goals for the new year, knowing it is a part of my healing, and journey to re-discover who I am without my husband and father in my life.
My goals so far:

1. Have outline of two books done, and the first and second draft of the first book well on the way.

2. With my mother make a choice on where we will love permanently, and move forward with that.

3. Take a trip and enjoy it.

Thank you for your blog, Ms. Donna...Blessings to you in the new year.

No, thank you, Widow_Lady302. Thank you. And best of luck in writing your book.

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Widow_Lady302 said...

~HUGE BLUSH~ Awwwwwe Thank you Ms.Donna, and you are most welcome.