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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I didn't plan to write today. I was supposed to babysit  my grandson. Baby grandson is ill, so is his mom, my daughter-in-law. Instead of driving to their house, I stayed home. I took advantage of the surprise time to work on my petite book.

I didn't know what a synopsis was, or how to write a proposal. So I Googled the words. What I discovered along the information highway was a plethora of  instructions just waiting for me to sift through. I spent the last three hours working a proposal of my own and a synopsis. I'm proud to say I feel like a high school kid just completed an assignment.

I'm not sure of what it is I put down on paper, this is my very first time, you know, but I feel good that I have something to show my writing coach the next time we speak, which is after the holidays. Hopefully, it gives me and her a jumping off point, something for her to tell me either I nailed it, or I goofed.

I don't plan on writing the rest of today. I need to wash my face, comb my hair, color my roots. I don't plan on writing tomorrow, either. There's a spiral ham in the refrigerator, an apple pie, and a basket of presents waiting for me to deliver to family tomorrow night. Hopefully, everyone will be well for our Christmas Eve get together. I'm so looking forward to handing out gifts, seeing the twinkle in each of my loved one's eyes and watch as they rip open their presents to see what  is inside.

Soon as I hit send, I'll be tidying up my office, shutting down the laptop, putting all my writing stuff away. For the next few days, I'll be off.

On behalf of BookOrBust, my sincerest warmest holiday wishes to all, to all a goodnight, and a joyous New Year. Thanks for supporting my endeavor to fulfill my promise and write a book.

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