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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 67

I spent the day writing yesterday. Yes, I got a little writing done. There are words on paper marked Chapter Five that I put there. And I celebrate that.

I've learned something about writing a book. It's all the process. And I can't rush it. I can only write one sentence at a time. After that, I must stop comparing myself to other writers, thinking their way better than me, and I'll never keep up. Phooey! Also, when I'm writing, I will stop, go back, insert a comma, and reread my work. Not a good idea. It isn't long before I cross out words, sometimes whole paragraphs, then turn a page and start again.

When I'm typing, I will back space, hit delete, delete. I do this a lot because when I go back and reread my work, I think it's all crap. It's as if gremlin elves have invaded my writing space. I can almost hear them chuckle as I do the cross out thing.

What I've discovered is it wastes time and energy.

It's a fight, but now I'm concentrating on just getting my words down on paper. Just getting my story out. Just picking up my speedy pen and keeping that hand moving.

So, take that, Gremlin Elf, and that, and that....

No. It isn't making a lot of sense. But that just means it's a draft. It gives me something to work with for when I go back.

Chapter Five is written, at least most of it.

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