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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

"Writing is supreme solace." --Somerset Maugham

I didn't plan to write today. I said I needed to do other things, like get ready for Christmas Eve dinner with family. And I really didn't write. Well, not exactly.

See, I typed up my draft synopsis and cover letter to some publisher for my petite book. After letting my work rest overnight, I picked it up this morning and eeek! I noticed little errors, no make that BIG errors. It was as if tiny gremlins picked through the dang thing during the night leaving a terrible horrible ugly crappy mess.

I spent the last two hours working my way through it. It's still a draft. And it's still crappy. But it's a less messy crappy one, if you know what I mean.

What I've learned and continue to learn is that first drafts are ugly horrible and crappy, and that it's okay to put my work away after awhile, at least for another new day when I'm feeling fresh, fresher, freshest.

Now, I'm really stopping writing for the rest of today and tomorrow. And I won't be back on line or doing any other writing. I mean it. So, stop peeking over my shoulder. Go ahead. Get going. Go wrap some presents. Go be with your family. Go...

See you next year.


*click* Goodnight.

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Widow_Lady302 said...

Wishing you good writing, great holidays, and abundance, Linda. Much like you, I promised my husband the same thing (to write a book) before he passed this year...So I'm cheering you on, and watching you inspires me that perhaps I can too. Blessings, your sister in widowdom.