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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 59

"Every author, however modest, keeps a most outrageous vanity chained like a madman in the padded cell of his breast." --Logan Pearsall Smith

Today I feel like a twisted old tree. Nothing seems to be working to help me get a little writing done. I'm in a funk. Whenever I get stuck like this, I look to other writer's for advice.

Here's what Sharyn Dimmick had to say:

"My friend writes and wonders if I have writing tips. No, I don't
have writing tips. The only tip I know is 'Write. Write some more. Keep
writing. Take a break. And when you are really stuck ask your friends
for topics. When you think of a story, write it down. Don't pause to
wonder if it is a good story or if you've gotten the definitive draft
done. You can worry about that later, for now just write.'"

And, of course, there's this sage email from Suzanne Lieurance the day I committed to writing my book, which I have printed out and taped to the wall in front of me:

"...But don't think you have to have all the answers about how to write the book, what slant you should take, etc., before you get started. That's all part of the process. The most difficult part of anything is deciding whether or not to do it. Once you m ake that decision, and commit to seeing it through, the universe tends to support you, and all sorts of wonderful opportunities come yur way."

Guess that's about it for tonight.

I've learned not to be so hard on myself when writing my book. Sometimes the brain just needs a little rest.

*click* Goodnight.

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