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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 55

Style is the mind skating circles round itself as it moves forward. --Robert Frost

Not sure what my style is, but I love quotes. I use them for writing practice.

Writing practice is what I did today.

I didn't have time to do real writing. You know, the stuff that will go into my book.

That's because I spent today with my grandson. Grandson H is 1 year old and he is one twirling weeble. When it comes to spending time with that little guy, it's difficult to get a little writing done.

But, what I can do when I'm with H, and I do it for ten, sometimes 20 minutes, and I do it each day, even when I'm not spending time with my favorite little man, is to practice my writing.

Like a sport, I use practice writing as my warm-up.

It's simple. I don't scratch out. I don't delete. I don't put in commas or semicolons,or any punctuation. I just let thoughts spill out my head, through my heart, out my pen, and out onto the page.

I set a clock timer. And, when the bell rings, I stop.

Sounds crazy, I know.

But, it helps me to get the junk out my head...

I got a quote of my own...

Sometimes you gotta write a little crap to get to the good stuff!

*Click* Goodnight.

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Deborah Leon said...

"sometimes you gotta write a little crap to get to the good stuff" Thank you Linda..this actually sounds very liberating...I'm always trying to get it perfect in my head before it comes out in print. I will be incorporating this into my schedule...I'm stuck! The distractions in my life pull me further away from my writing til it's almost a blur. But if I can write crap...maybe get some good out of it..why not?. Thanks for the new quote and idea...Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon artist/collector