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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 50 - Mea Culpa and Yippee!

I promised Suzanne, my writing coach, the last time we spoke, which was Wednesday early, that I would begin work on a second book. I have everything plopped in a heap in a insulated ice bag, size of a small file drawer, it's new, never been used, the insulated ice bag, not my second book, and it holds my notes, scribbles, clippings, research material, everything I need to begin work neatly filed.

Today is Friday, and Friday was my assigned day to work on the second book.

I wrote Chapter Four, instead. See, I started Chapter Four yesterday, and I didn't get it finished. I know I should not have looked at it until after I started sifting through the insulated ice bag with all my other writing stuff in it for the other book I'm supposed to start writing, but because it was nudging me to finish it, I did.

And though I didn't get the other writing stuff done, started, or completed, I am really happy that I did get a little writing done by completing Chapter 4.

So, it's mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, and yippee, yi, yo, for me.

Tonight is Friday, marks the beginning of a weekend. Tomorrow evening I will celebrate my accomplishment, my reward for getting Chapter 4 done, and tomorrow I plan to start my other book.

Next week is Thanksgiving. I have company arriving and staying overnight. I need to help with new grandson, tidy the house, shop, cook, and write, read, type, and, well, not much writing will get done.

But in case I don't get to post, I want to leave you with one tip, something I learned along my writing way, for a lot of months and years after Ed died, I journaled my thoughts, memories, and adventures. I wrote about all the things we did and the love we shared...I named it my Joy-nal, anyway, it is the best thing I ever did, because it helped me process my grief and improve my writing skills. I have everything at my fingertips to write my book.

If I can do it, so can you. Why not joy-n me. *tee-hee*

Linda Della Donna

P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing, if you get the chance, please stop by my other blog, Griefcase.

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