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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 40 - Happy Tuesday--and I do mean happy

I wrote today. What began as a blank sheet of paper became sheets filled with scribbles--mine! This afternoon I wroten more for my companion book.

Tomorrow I must run a few errands--Izzy needs his annual shots, his 20 lb. bag of prescription dog food, and I need to get to the dry cleaners, my black pants need cleaning.

Things are going well on the homefront. It's hard to believe. Despite stealing huge chunks of time to write, read, and type, RJ. Wow! Can I pick 'em!

In addition to the errands, I plan to tweak my outline, set a clock timer for 20 minutes and hammer out a chapter 3, and a ezine article, a twitter, or at least try.

Amazing. I'm learning something about myself and my writing habits. Seems if I just concentrate on telling the story, getting it out, and let go of the monkeys in my mind, I'm better for it. And so is my writing. Oh yeah, and first drafts ARE shitty.

It's late. I need to get ready for bed, and sit with my latest read--The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.

Tomorrow evening is tennis night for RJ, which translates to more writing time for me and one chapter closer to fulfilling my promise to Ed.



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Linda Fulkerson said...

After I got your DM on Twitter, I stopped by here to read about your story. Writing a book is a daunting task. I've only done it once and when people ask me when my next book will come out, I'm like -- uh, maybe . . . never?

I admire your commitment to your writing and to Ed. Best wishes on your project and thanks for tweeting with me.

Linda Fulkerson -- On Blogging Well