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Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 38, or is it 39?

I didn't write yesterday, but I did write today. I finished Chapter 2. Next to burying Ed, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I'm crying as I type these words.

There are things I didn't do this week in order to get this chapter written. I didn't wash the kitchen floor; didn't write 2 ezine articles, didn't rewrite my outline, didn't locate the banner for my upcoming Griefcase website. I didn't scribble in my journal.
Not one word!

But I'm breathing a tremendous sigh of relief at the one thing I did accomplish--to write Chapter 2.

I'm so proud of that. It is a signal to me that I can write this book for Ed, afterall. I can fullfil my promise.

I can. And I will.

I also believe, sure as I'm sitting here pounding this keyboard, Ed is here at my side watching over me. Guiding every keystroke.

Hey, there's always tomorrow. And tomorrow is another day.


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