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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 37

I got up early this morning. Last night I spent 3 hours polishing a rough draft of the start of chapter 2. Something went blooey on the laptop. When it asked the question do you want to save changes to document 1, I hit no and before I realized what I had done, in an chapter 2 was gone.

Tonight after several changes and more typing, I did get it started one more time. But now I'm off. I'm set to go dancing. My boyfriend is very understanding and patient. We're making it through--Seems long as I spend some time away from the writing about Ed, I begin to feel better about writing this book and fulfilling my promise. But I assure you, it's a downer.

I'm in a club that sings. The song I'm to sing, is What'll I Irving Berlin. Soon as I get to theh part about all I got is a photograph to turn to when I'm blue, I start crying. People think I'm nutz! What'll I do?

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