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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Lime Time

...Like a box of candy mints spilled out on a blanket... Lime, formerly LimeBike, bicycles can be found all over town.

Last month I took a Lime, formerly LimeBike, for a ride, and I've been hooked ever since. Worse than eating just one potato chip, once you ride a Lime, you'll be back for more. No kidding, Lime is an irresistible treat.

You can't miss Lime. Just look for the bright green bicycle with yellow citrus logo parked on a sidewalk, any sidewalk. From North Broadway to South Broadway, Mamaroneck Avenue to Main Street, Lime can even be found at the Kensico Dam Plaza.

Also, Lime is affordable. Just one dollar will get you started. And your first ride is free! I love free.

Lime is great for young and old alike, works really well for the senior apartment dweller, avid health enthusiast, and especially for the commuter looking to save on parking.

With Lime, if you live in an apartment, and even in you don't, why own a bike when you can rent a Lime? Just think, no need to store a bicycle in your living room or front hallway, or take up space in your garage.  No need for expensive rear bumper bicycle carriers for your car, and better, no chipped fingernails hoisting a bike on and off a car rack.

With Lime, once you download the app, locate nearest green bike, capture the bar code printed across the handle bars or on the back of the seat on your cell phone, away you go.

Got an errand to run?

No problem.

Your green ride will save you money on gasoline, time hunting a parking space, and cost for parking a car.

Here are a few Green Bicycle tips:

1. Read the agreement. All of it. There is no riding a Lime on the sidewalks. Ever. Like driving a car, follow rules of the road, obey all signs, and watch for pedestrians. Seriously, you risk a ticket if you get caught riding on the sidewalks.

2. The cost for a Lime is $1 a half hour and your first ride is free.

3. Lime has 8 speeds. Remember, the higher the number, the harder it is to pedal. It also has a bell, a place for your cell phone so you can plot your ride, and hand brakes. Also, the seat is adjustable.

4. Be safe. If you have a helmet, wear it.

5. Have fun. 

I look forward to seeing you riding the hood. 

Here's a few shots my recent Lime ride. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed living them.